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Please include the following applicable information for the Florida Bike Night:  Please do NOT use All caps or ALL lower case when entering data -  correct upper & lower case for proper words should be used.

This page for reoccurring bike nights.   If its a special event night, go to the events page and enter the event for listing on that web page.

Bike Nights will only be posted for a period of 6 months, at the end of which we ask that you resubmit the entry or let us know before it expires if you wish to renew the listing.  Too many bike nights come & go, I'm trying to keep them up-to-date.

       (*) Required information


  1.  *Name:  


  2.  *E-mail: 


  3. *Day of the Week:        


  4. *CITY:   


  5.  *Time:     i.e. Start & End Time: 6-10pm


  6.  *Bike Night Site:      


  7.  *Street address or intersection of start site: 



  8.  *Phone      include area code


  9 Optional event map link (freebee).  I'll link map to the above address.  Don't want a link, continue to the next box
  Go to     enter the event address, click on "Link to this page", copy the URL "Paste link in email" window to box below.



  10.  *Event Description - Brief:   Please do not use all capital letters! 

 Event happenings, Specials, Sponsor (if any), Contact information, ph # if different than establishment.   Limit 300 characters


     Example:  Bike of the Night, 50/50, Wet-T, $2 Bud Longnecks, info Ima Barhopper, 727-555-5555, rider@canhandleit.com


  11.  Website:     


  12. Direct Link to Flyer:     



   13. * Validation Code:  Type in access code:  41348

          Too much spam has caused me to use this code thing. 




Your submission is not automatically & immediately inserted into the site.  Some configuration, verification (bike event), insert the links, etc will be made.  You'll only need to submit once and it will be posted usually within 48 hours - Doug


 ** A "Motorcycle / Biker" Related Event  includes verbiage such as: Free Admission to Bikers, discount to bikers, as advertised in Born to Ride Magazine or Television, first drink is free if you ride your scoot, poker run, wet-T, free secured / preferred motorcycle parking, bike show, bike games, bike vendors, sponsorship by a motorcycle dealer, hosted by a motorcycle club, etc. 


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